Microsoft Surface Hub 2: The latest announcements

April 29th, 2019 Posted by Audio Visual, Digital Collaboration, Office 365, Unified Communications

With a bunch of new information circling the hugely anticipated Microsoft Surface Hub 2 since their New York event with partners Steelcase on April 17, we thought it best to roll up everything about the new devices that is currently public into one blog post.

Release date and pricing

Whilst initially announced as ‘Hub 2’ in May last year, the evolution of the product into Hub 2S and Hub 2X (more on that later) means a staggered release, with the 2S variant becoming available in the North American market in June 2019, and other regions – including Australia – to follow shortly after.

Pricing for the North American release of the Surface Hub 2S has been confirmed at $8,999 (USD), and as per the launch date into other markets, regional and final Australian pricing is to be confirmed.

Surface Hub 2S: The key specs

Taking design cues from across the impressive Microsoft Surface product family, the Surface Hub 2 model will comprise of a lighter, thinner device in contrast to Hub V1. The ground-up redesign ultimately introduces a new collaboration product category. At 27.9 kilograms the device is lighter than V1 (48 kilograms), and the reduction of bezel size, removing of built-in cameras, inclusion of edge-side connectors and repositioning speakers to the rear, introduces the option of tiling multiple devices for greater options in both use, and room design. Whilst we’re on audio, the new speaker configuration includes a subwoofer, and one contributor to this post whom has already had a hands on experience with the new device could not believe the incredible audio quality.

Leveraging that smaller, lighter design is where the Hub 2 creates itself new space in the market. Our customers loved the mobility of Hub V1 55″ on the Microsoft Rolling Stand for greater flexibility of use within an intended space such as a boardroom or meeting room. However, with the recent announcement of the APC Charge Mobile Battery designed to slot into the Steelcase Roam Mobile Stand, the Hub 2 takes this flexibilty even further with 2 hours of completely cable-free use. I can’t wait to see this feature creating even greater meeting & collaboration experiences for our customers. Aside from being massively impressed by the slick launch video in May last year, my first thoughts were how that beautifully engineered rolling stand deserved to be completely free of cumbersome cables.

What’s on the horizon?

Surface Hub 2X – Easily upgrade a Surface Hub 2S to 2X in 2020 through removable processor cartridge, unlocking upgraded operating system features, multiple device tiling, and the dynamic tilting screen.

Surface Hub 2S 85″ – First announcement of the 85″ version was made during the April 17 event, with product testing to commence early 2020, and anticipated for late 2020.

Surface Hub 2 Display only – Microsoft continues to build momentum in the Windows Collaboration Device product category with a display-only Hub 2 format that is pen and touch-back enabled, expected late 2019.

Watch the New York event

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