How to stop using email – forever

After being on a Masterclass run by Anthill focussed on online marketing, I was forced to rethink social media.   A big step for someone who sees Facebook as the biggest waste of human resource ever to face our planet.

I use Unified Communications every day of my life and today I use Microsoft OCS 2007 and I’m just about to move to Lync 2010.  I use Presence, IM and voice mostly (every hour) but video and conferencing probably only once or twice a day.  Being un-contactable has become difficult as between OCS/Lync and my mobile, I can be found pretty much 24/7.

During the last weeks I have been deciding on whether Generation-e will put the effort into a blog or a forum format around the key technologies we work with.  Hence me being at the marketing Masterclass.  What I discovered was a complete integration of tools – RSS, Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Forum etc. via one medium,  Placing content in Posterous meant that wherever I had it linked, content would appear transparently and instantly.  This is a complete parallel to how I work with Microsoft Lync – wherever I am, however I am connected, I can be contacted and productive as long as I have an Internet connection.

If I am offline, I get a notification that someone was looking for me or I get a voicemail either on my mobile, my desk-phone or in my email.  Where ever I am, however I want to work, I can.  Wow!

The move away from time delayed communications and suffering phone tag, delayed replies, miscommunications is over.  Finally we are starting to see business at the speed of the Internet.

What I see today is that I need to access fewer and fewer tools, whilst I am becoming more productive.  Unified Communications does that for me.  Now – to close that email account . . . .