What’s that vibrating in your pocket?

Today I was at the launch of Polycom’s new Melbourne facility.  Very impressive!  During the speeches I noticed that the guy next to me keep grabbing at his pocket.  Eventually after a couple of bemused looks from the crowd around him, he pulled out his mobile phone.  He whispered to us “SMS” like it was supposed to simultaneously both enlighten us and excuse him for his weirdness.  He spent the rest of the speeches texting and looking sheepish.

When the speeches were over and they stopped pouring champagne, it was time to leave.  A long time ago I decided to give up on voicemail on my mobile.  I never have anywhere to write down the messages and my memory is poor so if it’s not presented to me in a simple and meaningful way then forget it.  Today was worse as I had left my nice Waterman pen somewhere ;-(

I looked at my email on my iPhone and had a list of six missed calls, each one with the name and return number of the caller.   When someone calls my desk, I have OCS configured to simultaneously ring my mobile and any device I have logged in as me (desk-phone, PC soft-phone etc).  This way, anyone that wants to call me just needs to call one number and if I’m able to take the call I can – from wherever I happen to be, which is rarely at my desk.

By the time I got back to the office I had returned all the calls.  I still don’t know where my pen is, but I can be productive on a train with just my iPhone thanks to OCS. I love this stuff!