Stop calling me from the can

Ever been on the phone and felt like you were talking to someone who was sitting on the toilet?  I’m sick of it and it can stop now!  Problem is that I’m spoilt because I’ve been using wideband audio for a long time now and old fashioned low quality calls just drive me mad.

Wideband audio calls are so different to traditional calls.  The other party (or parties in a conference call) sound natural and like they are next to me – not artificial, tinny and distant.  I get to hear all sorts of calls and I really hate those from poorly implemented IP systems where you hear quantizing distortion (sounding like a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica).

IP Telephony is easy if you do your planning up front, clearly understand what you want to achieve then move forward to deployment.  Wideband audio with amazing CD quality audio is practical and cost effective and platforms like Microsoft Lync will give you that today.