Where’s the VPN?

Business is growing like crazy.  During February we added 10 staff so inducting people has become a major load.  A little short term discomfort for a lot of long term gain.

What has been most surprising amongst the journey for new team members has been how quickly new team members have embraced Unified Communications with Microsoft Lync.  Apart from the usual brushing of hair and checking of posture that newcomers have before appearing on video they took to UC like a duck to water.  In fact, 8 of the ten had not used UC at all before they joined Generation-e and yet within hours we found that they had added all of the team members so that they could see presence and they had sent IM’s to their contacts.

The second eye opener was how they embraced the open and simple access provided within Microsoft products today.  No need for a VPN, just take your laptop home, open it up to connect to their home WiFi and bang – conencted to the corporate WAN.  With Microsoft DirectAccess for secure access to file shares, intranet etc., Edge services in Lync for Unified Communications wherever you are and Outlook Anywhere to enable simple, seamless email they can work simply and with no VPN hassles.  Every person who had been used to working with a VPN commented on how simple it was and remarkably asked “How does this work”.  They could not beleive it was this simple.

The power of UC is open communications.  When organisation udnerstand that it will change the way their companies operate – and then embrace it, then the real benefits begin.