It’s lucky Balmer listens to me

Microsoft buys Skype.  Giddy up!

For around a year we have been working with customers to integrate Skype Connect (formerly called Skype for SIP) SIP trunks into their OCS and Lync networks.  Skype Connect provides really good value for money SIP trunks.  While they are internet delivered and you need to architect your internet connections right, Skype SIP trunks are simple to provision and reliable.

While using Skype as a business telco connection is not everyone’s cup of tea it does deliver a range of benefits including:

  • Skype click to dial capabilities from your website.  This allows customer to click on a link on your website and have the call answered by your normal help desk or service staff.
  • International calling and numbers allows you to cost effectively have in-dials in multiple countries that are answered in your office.  It also allows for low cost international calling as well.
  • Redundancy – when your rely on traditional services like ISDN, Skype SIP trunks provide a natural redundancy mechanism.
  • National calling – use the Skype calls caps to reduce your telco spend.
  • Dynamic capacity – easily add capacity as required.

There are many great reasons to use a SIP trunk with Lync – now there is one more!