Unified Communications is costing me a fortune

I bought an iPad recently. I figured it was time I joined the other 55 billion people who have. When I bought it, the Apple store had run out of the 3G version so I just got the wifi one. Even without 3G I have discovered how much free wifi there really is.
I started to use it for email and web but have quickly started to use it for reading magazines and generally keeping me occupied when I have any downtime. Then the novelty wore off and I realized that I wasn’t as productive without my laptop. Then came iDialog which is a nifty iPhone/iPad app that allows presence integration with OCS/Lync. Now I can actively see presence when I need it and as my mobile sim rings with my Lync client I can access it when I’m in a cafe between meetings. I even set up sim ring to a Skype direct in dial number so I can use my iPad over wifi as well.
This rocks. Problem is my coffee bill has gone through the roof and my car park bills have followed. Phase 2 – catch the train and save on those expensive car parks. Coffee however has to stay!