The proof is always in the pudding

I can rabbit on as much as I want about how Lync is great and why you should use it but these are just my ramblings.  As they say in the classics – the proof is always in the pudding.

Last week we completed a small acquisition and over the weekend 15 staff moved into our office.  This new team is mostly technical but there was also one sales guy.  Their old orgnanisation used a traditional Avaya phone system and everyone had an ugly grey phone on their desks.  Moving to Generation-e they of course got a headset and use Lync.

Watching them has been a really interesting experience.  The technical team embraced Lync like ducks to water and were receiving calls and supporting customers with no interruption to service.  These were calls coming in via our callcentre so that adds some complexity as well.  Every other system I have seen requires hours or days of training and then lots of hand holding.

The odd man out was the sales guy (typical :-).  When he made his first call he was excited and started the call with “Can you hear me?” then proceeded to tell the customer how he was using this new wiz bang communications system.  He was both surprised and impressed I think but the most important thing is – he was able to use the system, get his voicemails, transfer calls and he hadn’t even had his training yet.

Lync is easy to use, easy to scale and drives adoption of the widest range of features of any communications system that I have ever seen.  Go big with Lync!