The Magic of Microsoft Lync for the Victorian Deaf Society

Pip Marlow, the Managing Director of Microsoft Australia singled out the Lync solution of Victorian Deaf Society as an outstanding and inspirational partner project, during her closing keynote speech at the Gold Coast Partner Conference last Thursday.  Marlow showcased the 2-minute video case study of the Lync deployment implemented by partner Generation-e, as a shining example of how partners can enrich the Microsoft product suite through their dedication to customers and corporate citizenship.

 Microsoft Lync is fast becoming the most talked-about unified communications tool available, rapidly replacing traditional telephony.  As a visual communication tool, potentially every interaction can become a face to face meeting which in itself is remarkable enough, but the technology meets its full potential when used by the signing deaf as a primary means of business communication.   Lync has dramatically improved collaboration for Vicdeaf’s deaf and hard of hearing staff who can now use their first language, Auslan, instead of being encumbered by translations, to and from English.   

Graeme Kelly, CEO for Vicdeaf, states in the video, “This product very much is about access and equity. It’s what we preach as an organisation.”

“Within hours of being launched, this video won not only the hearts and minds of Vicdeaf but Microsoft globally.  We were really humbled by the response and honoured by Pip’s inclusion at such a prestigious event,” said Biagio La Rosa, Managing Director of Generation-e.

Marlow added the final flourish to the presentation with, “That is the magic, the extraordinary thing that you as partners do.”  Magic indeed. Microsoft Lync was recently added to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for 2011 in the Unified Communications Segment with the endorsement that “Microsoft offers a visionary approach for addressing enterprise communication and collaboration requirements. Enterprises looking into UC should consider the Microsoft solution and, at a minimum, understand the vision and how solutions of this type might change their business processes.”

Undoubtedly Microsoft Lync will be the focus of the Australian arm of the global giant for at least the next 12 months, having been ear-marked as their score-card product.