New law mandates video conferencing for every Australian business

Yesterday I got up at 4:30am to catch a 6am flight.  I’m really good at this now so I cut it really fine.  I made my flight and miraculously my flight arrived in Sydney on time.  I got into a cab and after a 45 minute ride I got to my meeting by 9am.  Now I’ve been up for four and a half hours and just got to my first meeting.

Seven meetings and 6 coffees later its 4pm and I hop another cab and head back to the airport.  My flight was 6:15pm but my airline was nice to me and put me on a 5pm flight.  Wonderful – not.  At 7:30pm it finally takes off because of storms and we head home.  Landing at 9:30pm (not bad for a 1 hour flight), dizzy because of how many times we circled Melbourne before landing.  Heading home I take a shower and head to bed.  A very successful nineteen – yes 19 hour day.

Today I’m exhausted and have a back log to catch up on.  Unfortunately you cannot use unified communications for every meeting.

Video conferencing should be mandatory by law for every business in Australia!