How to pick the cheapest heart surgeon

  1. Decide that price is the key factor in picking a heart surgeon.
  2. Get 5 quotes from the Yellow Pages or via the Internet.
  3. Pick the cheapest one.

Sound familiar?  Of course not. It would be dumb right?  Why do you think that heart surgeons all drive German sports cars, wear Rolex watches, have kids in private schools and live in expensive suburbs?  Because price is not what people pick heart surgeons on.

If something as important as your heart is involved you pick based on formal qualifications, experience and the recommendation of your local doctor.  While price may be a factor it is never number one – why?  Because the quality of the job is more important than just the price.

In any business, the communications systems (PBX, Collaboration, IP Tel, Video Conferencing etc) are the heart of the business.  Customers pick based on expertise and experience.  While price is important, picking the wrong partner and ending up with a debacle is more of an issue and definitely more expensive in the long term.

How to pick the right partner for your Microsoft Lync implementation:

  1. Look for Microsoft Gold competency in Communications and Messaging.  Check to make sure that this is up to date.
  2. Check that the partner has a 7×24 support capability that is skilled in Microsoft Lync.  Ideally that partner should be a Microsoft PSLP (Premier Support for Lync) provider so you know their skills are certified.
  3. Make sure that they can give you the names of at least ten (10) customers who will be happy to vouch for them as having done a great Lync voice deployment.
  4. Make sure that the partner has at least one Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) in Lync on staff so they will have the deep expertise to do this right.  Make sure that the MCM is overseeing the project or if it is big enough that they are actively involved.