I love it when a plan comes together

When we started dealing with Microsoft OCS, the ecosystem of associated products we could use to build a solution was pretty limited.  We had handsets from a couple of vendors, gateways for 2 or 3 and a couple of headset guys.  This didn’t stop the momentum or enthusiasm for the product but it did make for some interesting design challenges.

Today with Lync, the ecosystem is growing literally every day.  There are busy lights to show your presence in a larger room, ceiling mounted paging speaker systems, many contact centre options, integration to two way radio systems, GPS integration, wireless integration for location aware presence and Lync video kiosk options.  We can put together a solution that will pretty much be able to do anything you need.

Microsoft Lync’s rapidly growing ecosystem is testimony to its success – you don’t build supporting products for an unsuccessful base now do you.  I love it when a plan comes together!