I constantly surprise myself

There are 100 ways to do most things.  Some efficient, some smart, some not.  The thing I do most is talk to people.  I learn from them, I listen to them, I persuade them, I educate them.  I do this in person which today can mean physically being with them, being on the end of a call, being on a video conference, a Lync call, a collaboration session.  The common feature – it’s real time.

In the past I spent a lot of my time able to think, reflect and decide before I acted.  Now with real time communications everywhere I spend most of my time being in the moment.  This means I have to think and approach what I do differently.  Recently I realised that I was trying to treat email as real time – and i’s not.  Email requires a different style of thinking to real time communications like video conferencing or Microsoft Lync.  Making that mind shift has lowered the stress on my life for sure but means I have to prioritise better to balance the options.

Take a look at how you communicate, prioritise and then you can both lower your stress levels as well as improve output and productivity.

Have fun communicating.