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Part 6- Add Time Back into Your Day with Microsoft Office 365

the top five benefits of Office 365 for IT Managers

As an IT Manager, you have better things to do than spend hours of every day managing inboxes. Cloud computing is helping to lessen the burden of IT management in more ways than one.

Take a look at these five reasons why Microsoft Office 365 will make any IT Manager’s job easier.

1. reduced downtime and easy support

Microsoft Office 365 has been built with the IT professional in mind. Featuring enterprise grade security and a financially backed 99.9% uptime guarantee, you can rest assured that your data will always be safe and accessible.  The easy-to-use administration console and 24×7 IT-level support available by phone, web or email means that you can quickly and easily investigate and rectify any issues you may face.

2. no more installing updates!

Maintaining IT security and keeping your employees supplied with the most recent programs and applications means ensuring all software is up to date on every one of your company’s computers. If each computer needs IT management’s individual attention, this task can be incredibly time consuming.  As Microsoft Office 365 is run on Microsoft’s servers rather than in-house, updates are applied automatically.  This means your computers will always be running the latest version of Microsoft programs without your IT team having to lift a finger.

3. improved disaster recovery

Another advantage of Microsoft Office 365 being run on Microsoft’s servers is that all data is securely stored in the cloud, protected by industry leading privacy, security, and compliance practices. A company can find it hard to recover and stay afloat if all their IT infrastructure and on-site data is lost.  With Microsoft Office 365, even after a catastrophic event, staff only need an Internet-capable device to restart work. In the event of data loss, your IT team won’t have to spend hours working through and restoring backups.

4. increased staff productivity

With your IT team spending less time managing email, backups and updates, it goes without saying that they’ll now have more time to work on other projects.  Because Microsoft Office 365 includes Microsoft Lync and SharePoint communication and collaboration solutions, users can easily share files and co-author documents. They can also instant message co-workers even if they’re not in the office.  These features can in turn benefit other areas of your business, like customer service. With easier access to both data and co-workers, customer requests can be dealt with more efficiently, improving customer satisfaction. You will look like a hero when staff productivity goes through the roof companywide.

5. support for BYOD (bring your own device)

Any user can access Microsoft Office 365 and their files from their own device – whether it is a tablet, smartphone, desktop or laptop.

This comes with several benefits:

• Morale – Users prefer to use their own devices

• Productivity – Users can work faster on a device they’re familiar with

• Security – Users are more likely to keep their device’s software up to date.

For your IT team, the best benefit is that because employees are responsible for their own devices in a BYOD arrangement, IT can operate a much more streamlined infrastructure with fewer support issues to deal with.

This, again, gives you time to work on more strategic initiatives.