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Part 4- Better Business Results- Wirelessly

the top five reasons why Managing Directors should care about wireless

As Managing Director, it is your guidance and leadership that propels your team to greatness. In order to help your organisation reach the lofty heights you strive for, it is imperative to have a solid foundation. And an essential part of that foundation is having a robust and reliable wireless network infrastructure to support and facilitate everything you do.

Aside from being a cornerstone of day to day operations, wireless has spin-off benefits you might not expect.

1. increase staff productivity

With a robust wireless solution, staff can securely access your network without any fuss from whatever device they choose, wherever they happen to be. Easy access to the network gives them the freedom to work without having to be wired in, making the use of flexible and activity based working methodologies easier to employ.  Even if your organisation operates using a more traditional model, the ease and quality of a reliable wireless connection will reduce the amount of time your people will find themselves unable to do their job because of network issues.

2. increase staff morale

With a poor network, interruptions to connectivity are a constant irritation. When access to your network drops, employees can become disconnected and potentially lose work. There can be delays in getting back up and running and then even an adjustment period as people manage to pick up where they left off. It can become incredibly frustrating for you and for your staff if network limitations prevent them from working.  Modern wireless technology often provides fewer limitations than its cable kin, so staff feel like the technology is helping them work rather than getting in the way.  Wireless also makes it easy for staff to use their own devices and work more flexibly, making staff happier and more productive at work.

3. quicker decision making

With wireless connectivity, staff are not only easily contactable regardless of their location, but they can even collaborate on documents and participate in virtual meetings. With unhindered access to files and network resources, employees can find what they need more easily and come to the correct conclusion more quickly.

4. no need for satellite offices

With WAN wireless, staff can have easy and secure off-site access to your company’s network. This reduces the need to establish a physical presence in new locations, as employees can telecommute, further adding to their work-life balance and job satisfaction.  Wireless’s increasing reliability makes it a strong solution, especially in situations where cable is impractical, if not outright impossible. Modern wireless technology offers all the benefits of a cabled network without any restrictions, so there is no longer a reason for companies to avoid wireless out of a fear that it cannot handle bandwidth-heavy operations.

5. embrace BYOD (bring your own device)

Wireless makes it simple for employees to use their own devices. People are gravitating towards their device of choice, whether it be a tablet, a laptop, a netbook or a personal computer. Allowing employees to connect to your network wirelessly using whichever device they prefer affords them the opportunity to feel more comfortable with the technology they are using and therefore increase their productivity.  Using their preferred device also boosts morale, making employees feel like they have control over their working environment and how they do their job.

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