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Part 3- How IT Automation Saves Time and Money

the top five reasons why System Center Configuration Manager 2012 makes sense for CFO’s

As a Chief Financial Officer, you crave efficiency. How efficient your organisation is will determine how cost effective and productive your team is, ultimately determining profitability. And there is always room for improvement there!

With corporate networks becoming increasingly complex, IT departments are often rife with cost cutting potential.  Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager 2012 is a great tool for IT administrators to increase automation and get the most from IT assets. Below are some of the top benefits your company can reap by using SCCM 2012:

1. simplify IT

With SCCM 2012, IT administrators can automate jobs that previously had to be done manually. This means you can set and forget tasks like the installation of security updates across your entire company network.  From the single pane of glass interface, IT can manage every stage of the datacentre lifecycle. Alerts and tasks can be prioritised to improve efficiency and hardware and software inventory as well as asset intelligence reporting can be done automatically without any manual steps. This will save a substantial amount of staff time, which can then be spent on more important tasks.

2. improve uptime

SCCM 2012 gives your IT team everything they need to stay organised so that downtime is kept to the absolute minimum.  Updates and routine tasks can be scheduled to ensure nothing gets overlooked. Security and device compliance issues also become easier to manage and resolve, reducing problems for users. With IT running like a well-oiled machine, you will experience fewer outages and more uninterrupted work time for your employees, which can equate to significant productivity increases.

3. control and understand your assets

IT administrators have a bird’s-eye view of your company’s network with SCCM 2012.  Using hardware and software inventory and asset intelligence, it is incredibly simple to identify what infrastructure exists, where it is, and how it is being utilised. Armed with this information, IT administrators can maximise IT resources by managing them holistically. Full visibility and control of which devices can connect to your network and what they can do while connected makes it easier to both monitor and strengthen your network’s security.  From a glance, it is also easy to see whether renewing licenses is required or whether assets should be shifted from one user to another. Consolidating server roles and providing scalability enhancements also means that you can avoid unnecessary (and expensive) upgrades.

4. reduced costs across the board

SCCM 2012 includes a suite of products designed to comprehensively cover all your IT needs – from data protection to reporting through to management. In using a single product to perform all these functions, there is no need to purchase additional third party products, saving you licensing and subscription costs.  Power management features help optimise desktop power consumption, resulting in lower power bills. Also, with tools for managing virtual machines, virtualising servers becomes an easy and cost effective way to streamline your infrastructure. Reducing the number of physical servers in the datacentre will consequently require less cooling and power.

5. encourage BYOD (bring your own device)

Bring your own device has gained a lot of traction over the last few years and employees working from their device of choice is now the norm in a lot of organisations. Often, this can mean that each staff member will have two or more devices connected to your network at any given time. SCCM 2012 allows your IT team to see every connected device and manage them as required. Using SCCM 2012 reduces the risk of information leakage and ensures that compliance requirements are met.  Because employees can use their own devices, mobile or otherwise, they will be more familiar with them and thereby become more productive. With IT’s involvement streamlined, economies will emerge as well.

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