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the top five benefits of Microsoft Lync for your sales team

The main purpose of a sales team is to generate revenue. If your sales team isn’t accessible and can’t work on the move, then potential customers might begin to look elsewhere for the products and services they need.

Microsoft Lync makes sure that each member of your team is able to make the most of every minute of their time.

Here are the top five benefits of using Microsoft Lync for your sales team.

1. superhuman productivity

Equipping your sales team with Microsoft Lync on their mobile, their tablet and their computer means that no matter where they are, communication is easy. Reps can access their contacts and their messages anywhere, anytime. From any device, they can initiate a voice call, instant message or video conference with just the click of a button.  Without being shackled to a desk, your reps can get in front of more customers and make more sales.

2. lightning fast decision making

Microsoft Lync has a powerful search feature which allows your reps to find the person they need to answer burning questions quickly and easily. Looking for someone in Accounts? Simply search for people with accounting skills. After a particular person? Search by their name, phone number or email address to locate them in no time flat. With presence, it is easy to see instantly whether the person you are looking for is available and start a conversation with just the click of a button, getting your reps the information they need without playing phone tag!

3. travel less, sell more!

With Microsoft Lync, there is no need to drive across town or fly interstate for every meeting with potential customers or colleagues. Simply send them a Microsoft Lync online meeting request by email for quick and easy collaboration. Conferencing this way allows you to include voice, video, document and desktop sharing as well as white boarding, even if the other parties do not have Lync.  Reducing the number of times your reps have to visit potential customers in the flesh, saves time that can be used to generate and nurture new leads and reduces costs associated with travel.

4. connect with your customer

Sales is all about relationships. With Microsoft Lync, your reps can give each customer the devotion they deserve to help build the foundations for a long and prosperous engagement.  Messages and calls will reach your reps no matter where they are or what they are doing, allowing them to get in touch with the customer as soon as they become available. With the range of communication options available through Microsoft Lync, your reps can also conduct multiparty conferences with more engaging content more frequently, building rapport and generating orders.

5. improve customer perception of your company

Your sales reps are your customers’ windows into your organisation. How your rep handles the budding relationship can make or break the deal.  The ability to easily communicate with customers does more than make your business more effective: it makes you more professional. Microsoft Lync allows you to impress customers with the responsiveness and thoroughness of your service. Whether the customer knows that Lync is behind your success or not, you can be sure that the advantage of choosing a professional company like yours over the competition will be obvious.

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