Sonus launches virtualized SBC SWe

Sonus Networks has introduced the Sonus SBC SWe, a software-based SBC designed for a virtualized platform, offering unlimited scalability with the same advanced features and functionality of hardware-based systems. The new Sonus platform is designed to provide robust security, superior voice and video quality, centralised policy management and broad interoperability.

The SBC SWe features are equivalent to Sonus’ hardware-based SBC 5000 Series. Scalable from as few as 25 to an unlimited number of sessions, Sonus SBC SWe customers can add performance and capacity by adding computing resources and memory. Sonus will provide customers with a set of performance specifications for customers’ host platforms, and customers can then expand capacity, calls per second, features, transcoding, and security capabilities with a simple license key as business demands change.

For larger enterprise customers that might require a physical SBC, the Sonus SBC SWe can extend the same SBC capabilities to remote locations and branch offices without deploying more hardware at each location, increasing session counts with a license key to accommodate dynamic call volumes such as those in a contact center.

Combining the Sonus SWe with platforms like Telstra’s IaaS is something we are very excited about. Sonus is using same code base across its hardware and software SBC portfolio. This flexibility will be attractive to customers that have invested in virtualization technology—especially those that require remote network deployments or want to expand opportunities into new geographic markets where deploying a hardware solution would be impractical or cost prohibitive.