The power of persuasion

Most people see Unified Communications as the latest buzz word.  A trend that is hip right now but that will wilt and die eventually.  I argue that this is really a seismic change, not a irritating blip.

UC is about real time communications, it is information here and now, at the speed of the internet.  It is visual, simple and transcends borders.  It is engaging and allows new modes of thought and collaboration.

UC today is seen as being about IM and presence, but it is more.  Much more.  Voice and collaboration we know about, but video – that’s the secret sauce!  Video embraces people, it engages them and you get all of the non verbal cues. No switching off, zoning out or multi tasking.  Video gives you focus without distraction.

The extension of corporate video with Microsoft Lync to video conferencing vendors is great but the extension of Lync to add Skype video is the true game changer!

The future of video communications is call centres, kiosks, mobility.  A new world awaits.