Zeacom enhance Contact Centre 7.0 for Lync

Zeacom has enhanced its multi-channel contact centre with Zeacom Communications Centre (ZCC) 7.0.  The Zeacom TouchPoint provides a new ‘minimalist’ interface designed to encourage collaboration both inside and outside the contact centre, improving first-contact resolution of customer needs. The application provides real-time information and ‘context-aware’ functionality, and the compact nature of the interface prevents desktop clutter and information overload for those users who also work in CRM and other business applications, according to the company. Additional ZCC 7.0 features include: Increased agent utilization with an outdial option for Lync, new customer feedback channels, and improved redundancy.

As a part of the larger Enghouse Interactive business, Zeacom continues to enhance its available portfolio of products through integration with the Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite.

Key points about ZCC 7.0:

  • 81% of contact centres surveyed are looking to streamline agent workflow and simplify the desktop*. Zeacom TouchPoint eliminates the clutter, frees up the desktop for other applications, and delivers context-appropriate functionality that simplifies the way agents work.

  • The design of our new agent interface makes it easier to add functionality that is tailored to unique customer needs. Do-it-yourself or take advantage of Zeacom’s Business Process Automation team.

  • Outbound Campaigns on Lync can quickly turn your customer’s contact centre into a profit centre. Agents can do collections, outbound sales campaigns or appointment reminders during slow inbound periods.

  • Contact centres want to survey their customers regardless of the communication channel. With ZCC Survey, you can now capture feedback from customers that interact with agents using email or web chat.

  • IT Managers are always looking for better ways to safeguard their contact centre data and service delivery. ZCC 7.0 offers robust new options like improved SQL replication in a variety of configurations.

  • TouchPoint makes it easy to add new languages, opening up profitable new markets and providing solutions to customers with multilingual workforces. German and Latin American Spanish available now.