Office 365: Finance and Legal

Crunch the numbers together

Crunching the numbers doesn’t have to be difficult. Excel lets you gather a lot of information from different people and different departments into a single spread sheet. Best of all, you can work with more than one person—even your whole team if you want— on the same spread sheet at the same time. Crunching the numbers together doesn’t just make your life easier, but it also helps boost productivity and can lead to more insights that can be easily shared with anyone in your organization. PowerPivot lets you crunch massive amounts of data and combine it to create unique visualizations, which you can easily explore and interact with in Power View.

Help meet compliance needs

Trying to make sense of all the rules, laws, and regulations you need to follow is hard enough without retrofitting your whole IT infrastructure to comply with them. You won’t run into this problem with Office 365 because it’s built to make compliance easy and straightforward. In fact, you can automate many of the processes for managing, protecting, and preserving critical data, and even create retention schedules to manage the entire life cycle of your organization’s digital assets. If you ever need to respond quickly to litigation or audits, you can use self-service eDiscovery to help get what you need immediately without involving IT.