Office 365: HR and Internal Communications

On-board new employees

First days are stressful—for both new employees and the HR department. There’s a lot to learn and a lot to tell. Where do you begin? With Office 365, you can easily provide nearly everything new hires need on their first day, and beyond. That means critical on-boarding resources like documents, presentations, and even videos. You can make it easier for people to connect with their peers or mentors, understand the business, and ramp up quickly. You can take advantage of automatic task routing and use forms built right into your site, leading to less paperwork and faster completion. Better processes, less time, smoother on-boarding. What’s there to stress about?

Keep everyone informed

Your company has a unique story, but like any great tale, it needs people to make it come alive. How do you get your employees excited about your vision? How do you get them talking about ideas…and talking to each other? Office 365 gives you a whole set of tools to help you stay engaged with the people you work with. It’s like a “social glue” that keeps your employees and your vision moving forward together.

Share your knowledge

With Office 365, your knowledge isn’t limited to the people in your immediate circle. You can easily share what you know with as many people as you want, whether they’re in your department or in another country. So don’t let your good ideas, valuable experience, and expert knowledge go to waste. You can capture and organize best practices in one place, organize them however you need to, and refine them with your peers. Now people in your organization can easily discover what you know. And sharing works both ways, too. It’s just as easy for you to discover other groups’ best practices.

Boost business processes

Do you ever wish you could improve your business processes and help people save time? You can! For example, automating recurring approval or review processes is easy and doesn’t take much time with built-in workflows. Once processes are in place, you can keep an eye on how well they’re performing for your team, department, or the entire organization. Whenever you need to you can refine your processes or create reports from them.