Office 365: Sales and Marketing

Make a great first impression

First impressions count.  That’s why Office 365 gives you the power of professional quality design and content creation with Word and PowerPoint, yet with the familiarity and ease of use that you’ve come to expect.  Sharing your work is now easier than ever—you can quickly invite a colleague to view the document you’re working on and even work together in real time.  The new cleaner comment view in Word and PowerPoint makes it easier to read and post comments.  Plus, versioning is built in so you don’t have to worry about losing track of the right version of your document.  Just focus on your content and let Office 365 take care of the rest.

Engage your audience online

People want to find what they need right away without digging around or being distracted by irrelevant content.  Office 365 can help you make your customers and partners happy by giving them what they really want—relevant information, recommendations, and insights into their data.  With Office 365, you can even build simple and dedicated portals or public-facing websites so that your customers and partners easily get what they need. 

Align your teams

Deals are won and lost depending on how closely marketing and sales teams are aligned.  That’s how important communication is and that’s why Office 365 gives people a better way to stay in sync.  Office 365 streamlines collaboration by letting you bypass email and in-person meetings, so you can get directly in touch with groups across your organization.  In addition, team sites give your teams a hub for your sales and marketing content— documents, spreadsheets, presentations, schedules, and all the other up-to-date information you need whether you’re in the office, at a meeting, or on the road.  Team sites also make it easy to share documents with people outside of your organization.  It’s up to you to determine what level of access they get.  For example, you might want to share a document or two, or even the entire site.