Future Way of Work–Veldhoen + Company & Generation-e


Activity Based Working supports the way people want to work today and into the future.

As alternative ways of working become more and more popular for organisations, many companies claim that they understand what it takes to make Activity Based working a reality for their clients, but no one has Veldhoen + Company’s unique experience and expertise. They first introduced Activity Based Working in the Netherlands in 1996 and are now doing the same in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

As pioneers and market leaders, they offer clients something that no one else can, breadth of experience gained from real world implementations, and knowledge of what it takes to make ABW successful.

ABW is becoming increasingly popular as organisations are adopting flexible workplaces and practices. This includes creating virtual offices through implementing the latest technology such as unified communications and high capacity wireless networks enabling their staff to work almost anywhere.

Some benefits of this style of working include:

  • increased staff collaboration, productivity and efficiency
  • flexibility in where and how an employee chooses to work
  • focus on outcomes not effort
  • reduction in power, paper usage, real estate costs
  • improved work environment and job satisfaction
  • freedom and choice for staff
  • breaking down silos
  • modern work environment and practices
  • employer of choice