Nothing so constant as change

Coming to the Launch and Conference will be people from all works of life – customers, vendors, those who already want to, those that aren’t sure, sceptics and believers.  What is common is a single theme: Transitions.

A hackneyed phrase is that change is constant, but in 25 years in the communications business, I have never seen so much not being constant.  There are some big drivers:

  • The impact of Generation-Y on the dynamics of the workplace
  • Later retirement age connecting more generations in the workplace
  • Access to 4G and cost effective broadband supporting mobility
  • Drive to reduce costs in real estate
  • Employee “fickleness” means staff are less likely to stay for a longer time unless they are constantly motivated
  • Staff more motivated than ever to work in a way that suits them rather than a way that might suit the organisation
  • Staff are being recruited based on skill alone and their location is now a small variable
  • Competitive threats are now global so every opportunity to improve productivity must be taken

Each of these is motivating positive change in our workplace but is creating some big headaches:

  • Need for access to quality, ongoing training
  • Alignment of individual staff motivation to their personal KPI
  • Change from measuring actions to measuring outcomes – a fundamental change for many managers
  • Staff desire to balance work & life greater than ever in history
  • Ongoing change in real estate usage patterns means long term leases and fit outs are too inflexible
  • The desire to minimise travel and use video instead

A key enabler for business to achieve all these transition objectives is to improve how people communicate.  Giving customers and employees access to information and expertise when they want and from where they want is what Skype for Business delivers.

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Each of these topics will be covered at the Australian Skype for Business Launch & Conference.  See you on the 4th June!