Your call has progressed in the queue

“Your call has progressed in the queue and we will be with you shortly”.  Aren’t these the words designed to be the most soothing, they might be for you but I find them, well . . . .

Getting your customers to communicate with the right person with the least amount of resistance is the holy grail of customer service.  The magic is working out 1) what the customer really wants and 2) who is best to solve their problem quickly for them and efficiently for you.  One person owning the customer interaction from the first “Hello” to “Good Bye” is the utopia that customers want but how do we achieve this in a modern business with specialised staff, multiple time zones, distributed work forces etc., you get the picture.

Traditional contact centre’s were specific organisational units, often with all staff co-located, in effect the expertise was centralised.  This no longer however matches how we design our businesses, distribute expertise or have people working from a variety of locations.

Couple this with new forms of customer access like Twitter, Email, Facebook etc., contact centres need to be open longer, respond more quickly and the transition to a new way of working is inevitable.

The contact centre of today needs to be more flexible and to do so its staff need more flexibility.  For example, the ability to work from wherever suits them, which could be at home particularly if late or early shifts are involved or the access to know in real time that a colleague with the right expertise is online and available.

The modern contact centre worker is empowered to make decisions.  We now don’t measure them in minutes but in net promoter score, repeat business or if an unhappy customer does not call back.  Integrating this into modern business workflows is what is enabled by combining your contact centre with a unifie3d communications platform li9ke Microsoft Skype for Business.

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