Pexip’s puts Infinity into Microsoft’s Azure cloud

Pexip’s upcoming release will make another major technology leap, continuing to tear down the barriers that have historically plagued the communications industry.

The upcoming version of Pexip Infinity adds support for deployment to Microsoft Azure cloud.

It is a well known fact that “The Cloud” impacts organizations and businesses. “The Cloud” impacts how we work, how we interact with customers, and how we perform financially.

The shift and transformation to the cloud helps all organizations operationalize their use of IT infrastructure. From the technology to the finances, features and functions become easier to turn on and off on demand while driving up usage and scale easily and affordably. Cloud computing is a convenient tool and asset for many, and it continues to transform businesses every day.

As a direct result of customer requests, Pexip Infinity 12 introduces support for Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. As one of the three large native cloud platforms (Amazon Web Services — which is already supported by Pexip Infinity — and Google Cloud make up the two others), Azure provides organizations the ability to align cloud hosted compute under the same umbrella as other IT workflows. Many organizations are adopting Azure at scale today, and Pexip is the first vendor to bring scalable and interoperable video, audio, and web conferencing into this environment.

The promise of The Cloud

Enterprises want flexibility. They want flexibility in how they consume services and products, and they want flexibility in how they can scale up or down according to requirements. The cloud simplifies decision-making, reducing the need to plan long in advance for large hardware or infrastructure investments. The resources are available and can be leveraged in a moment’s notice.

And, according to a recent survey conducted by Harvard Business Review, Cloud Computing Increases Business Agility, the holy grail for many enterprises. No wonder leaders want to explore their options of how to deploy, manage and consume IT.

Pexip Infinity on the Azure Cloud

From version 12, Pexip Infinity can be deployed on the Microsoft Azure cloud service. Azure provides an infinitely scalable computing capacity and eliminates the need to make upfront hardware investments, so customers can deploy Pexip Infinity faster, and with less effort.

With Pexip Infinity on Microsoft Azure, customers can launch as many or as few virtual servers as needed, and use those virtual servers to host a Pexip Infinity Management Node and as many Conferencing Nodes as necessary to support their conferencing capacity requirements.

In a similar fashion to other Infinity cloud-hosted compute models, Infinity on Azure cloud can be combined with on-premises deployments for a seamless hybrid model.

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Cloud bursting elasticity — the ability to automatically* use cloud resources when necessary and turn them off when they are not required — provides Pexip customers with a unique ability to leverage the best that cloud hosting has to offer without incurring the heavy costs associated with always-on services.

Customers have the flexibility to scale up to handle changes in requirements or spikes in conferencing requirements as needed. Azure’s APIs and the Pexip Infinity management API can be leveraged to monitor usage and bring up or tear down Conferencing Nodes as required to meet conferencing demand.

How do I manage Pexip Infinity on Azure cloud?

Once set up, there is no difference to how you manage Pexip Infinity on Azure. The user experience is just the same, whether you choose an on-premises solution, an Azure cloud solution, or a combination of on-premises and cloud.

How do I get Pexip on Azure cloud?

Pexip will publish disk images for the Pexip Infinity Management Node and Conferencing Nodes. These images may be used to launch instances of each node type as required.