Shift Happens: Approaching Cloud Migration with Confidence

The recent Microsoft Future Decoded event in London’s ExCeL was a vibrant and engaging mix of speakers who showed what an engaged ecosystem our industry has generated.

It was a also a reminder about how the expectations placed on enterprise technologies have become more demanding, as awareness grows that cutting edge IT infrastructure maximises productivity, efficiency and agility— and not keeping up can mean being left behind.

To make the situation even more challenging for businesses, the number of cloud tools and cloud applications continues to multiply, adding even more complexity to the decision of how to approach cloud migration. That’s a big reason Rackspace launched Fanatical Support for Microsoft Azure, a managed cloud solution that reduces the complexity of Microsoft’s cloud platform by providing guidance on planning, implementation and all aspects of support from proactive monitoring to patching.

As part of our commitment to Azure, we are constantly tracking its evolution and the addition of new features to ensure that our customers have the option to free themselves from all the related management responsibilities. Our expanded support of Azure, plus other Microsoft offerings, has become a key part of Rackspace’s managed cloud strategy that sees us offer Fanatical Support for a wide range of technologies.

As our CEO Taylor Rhodes wrote to customers when we announced our support for Azure, “This ‘technology agnostic’ approach enables us to update our offerings and help you adopt new capabilities as products and platforms evolve. It also further aligns us with you, because we are free to give objective guidance based on the best solution available for the mission you need to accomplish.”

From the conversations I had before and after my presentation at Microsoft Future Decoded, it became clear that many organisations still have misgivings over potentially selecting the wrong cloud solution for their business.

Luckily, there is a solution: working with a cloud provider that doesn’t lock you in to a specific platform — and this is precisely why Rackspace is committed to providing first class support, no matter what technologies our customers want to use.  A key takeaway for me was the need for users at all levels to understand the specific platform for a particular IT use case and not just the cloud that it runs on.

If your business is still working to make that decision, and you’re considering Azure, you may be grappling with some very real management and resource challenges. With help from leading industry analysts, we’ve compiled a wealth of data and found some interesting insights into Azure. We took that information and built an easy-to-read infographic, jam packed with relevant data: “Overcoming the Challenges of Microsoft Azure.”

We had a great experience at Microsoft Future Decoded 2015 and I hope we will see you at next year’s event.

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