Why Generation-e?

Generation-e combines deep expertise and experience to deliver world class IT solutions with the highest level of customer service and support in order to drive real results.

We Achieve Excellence

…in Execution

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Platinum Club award winner and Communications Partner of the Year, Generation-e hires the brightest and most talented engineers from the industry. Then adds more. Our engineers are trained extensively to keep up to date with qualifications and vendor competencies.  Our growing team of Microsoft Masters are gifted with close attention to detail, working to proven processes that guarantee fast and positive results for our customers.

…in Partnerships

Generation-e has carefully chosen a stable of best-of-breed solutions from industry leading vendors. Our customers benefit from the seamless integration of technologies as well as the strong relationships we forge with our vendors in our ability to tailor solutions, broker better deals and act as customer advocates.  We are the glue that holds everything together.

…in Results

Generation-e is recognised worldwide for its track record of deployments in a vast range of industries and environments, so we are confident in achieving positive results of any organisation.  What's more, with a team of geographically dispersed knowledge workers operating on the latest Microsoft infrastructure, we are daily consumers of the productivity solutions we sell.