Vendor Partners

It's no secret.  Generation-e is not vendor agnostic, for a very good reason.

Products are carefully chosen to deliver best-of-breed unified communications functionality, in all areas. Monolithic suites might offer the full spectrum of UC functionality overall, but not in all areas.

For this reason open collaboration solutions also allow migration of existing investments, saving time and money.  Generation-e Productivity Solutions is the centre of a powerful ecosystem of technology leaders, including Microsoft, Telstra, LifeSizePolycom, Juniper, Aruba and HP Networks working together with solution providers, distributors and service providers to protect customer investments, ensure flexibility and develop future-ready solutions.

Our focus around strategic vendors and achieving the highest competencies they offer, pays dividends for our customers in terms of how we broker better deals, how we deliver solutions, and escalate issues should they arise.

Strategic Alliances

Our philosophy around close vendor collaboration mirrors that of our customers and we give those relationships the same esteem. Our team ensures the integrity of those alliances and that all stakeholder interests are served for mutual benefit.  

Technology Selection

Generation-e’s dedicated Chief Technology Officer is both visionary and practitioner of strategic product and vendor selection. Part of the company’s intellectual property is how products are selected to fit into the portfolio and how they are tested against the others we sell to ensure correct operations.  By and large, they are typically positioned in Gartner's Magic Quadrant.

New Alliances

As Generation-e continues to develop anywhere, anytime solutions, it will expand the Generation-e Open Collaboration Network to include partnerships with those who enhance customer value and Generation-e’s strategic vision.


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