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Regardless of project size and complexity, co-ordinating engineers, suppliers, resources, calendars and technology takes a lot of time and energy. That’s where Generation-e comes in.

Generation-e offers comprehensive project deployment services. That means that we take control of the entire deployment process. Generation-e orchestrates every element of the project whilst keeping communication simple, consistent and flowing between all parties. We know that there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter deployment. Each project has its own challenges and issues. Through meticulous attention to detail in planning and documenting each and every step, we stay proactive and are able to adjust to any situation as necessary.

All projects are managed according to best-practice project processes. We understand timeframes and requirements so that we can precisely organise our team, your team and the appropriate vendors to ensure that everything happens smoothly with as little effort on your part as possible. This means that with Generation-e you can leave the IT to us so that it is business as usual for you.

Generation-e provides:

■ Full project planning including detailed design creation and IT strategy development
■ Project management services utilising best practice, tested methodologies
■ Project deployment services.

These three elements are included in our project services offerings which span a wide range of projects across unified communications, connectivity, and cloud.

How Generation-e can help

Generation-e has developed a Change Management Framework which unites the many diverse requirements of an integrated change management model, and provides a basis for repeatable application across the organisation.

In our experience, the greatest gains possible with change management come predominately from a focus on what Generation-e calls “Leading Change” and “Owning Change” – developing effective change leadership behaviors at all levels; and developing demand for – and ownership of – the change amongst those most impacted by it.

Generation-e helps our clients:
■ Understand the change management needs of their projects to make them successful
■ Plan and execute change, from project jump-starts to whole-of-lifecycle change management project delivery
■ Resource critical change management roles
■ We only employ experts, and we work alongside you in blended teams
■ Generation-e clients get the right specialist resource for the job every time

Our Change Management practice supports clients both in project-driven and ‘business as usual’ change, underpinned by a comprehensive Change Management Framework and associated toolsets developed by Generation-e. We have experience developing internal change enablement capabilities for clients who are looking to develop sophisticated, yet effective internal change functions.

We believe in transforming businesses through the power of modern productivity.

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Take a world leading real estate company, add technology from a world leading software company and services from an award winning integrator and the outcome is a transformative business solution.

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