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Your IT infrastructure is invaluable to your organisation. Deploying cutting edge technology to supplement, improve or repair your environment can be complicated and risky without specialist skills. Hasty decisions made by technical resources who mean well might be a recipe for disaster.

So why not ask for some help? Generation-e offers IT consulting services, which allow you to work with experts to develop strategies and drive results.

Generation-e’s IT consulting services grant you access to our skills and expertise for a single defined project or on an ongoing basis. Like a coach or a mentor, Generation-e works to understand your organisation and what you are looking to achieve. Then, using our expertise and experience, we build a roadmap for your success.

Generation-e provides:

■ Solution deployment consulting
■ Provisioning consulting
■ Strategic planning
■ Infrastructure and environment audits
■ Infrastructure and environment assessments
■ Project reviews
■ Risk and security management.

Making use of Generation-e’s consulting services will allow you to implement technology in order to achieve goals and better utilise IT to improve how you work.

How Generation-e can help

Generation-e truly are experts in unified communications, connectivity, and cloud.

Our engineers’ level of knowledge is constantly being sharpened as they spend an industry leading one week in eight in training in order to hone their skills. Further, our experts are afforded only the highest quality resources including our world class Network Operations Centre, our proprietary Generation-e Monitoring Service (GEMS) and N-Able service desk management tool.

Our customers choose Generation-e to supply IT services because they know they will only deal with experts, who are uncompromising in their standards to deliver what was promised, in time and on budget. Our experience and expertise in our vendor technologies is delivered with fine attention to detail and a devotion to providing service with complete customer satisfaction. We ensure that our engineers are the best in the industry by requiring that they undergo an industry leading regimen where one week in eight is spent in training. This training keeps our highest qualifications and competencies up to date so you can be confident that you have made the right choice in Generation-e.

What’s more is that Generation-e is a complete service provider, with the ability to manage the entire project from the consulting stage through to deployment whilst providing ongoing support nationwide.

We believe in transforming businesses through the power of modern productivity.

Unparalleled communication & collaboration in workforces

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Technology peace of mind that allows business focus

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We define our success by the success of our customers

Case Study: Colliers International

Take a world leading real estate company, add technology from a world leading software company and services from an award winning integrator and the outcome is a transformative business solution.

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