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Generation-e began as a network specialist and through our partnership with Aruba Networks continues to lead the industry with our skills and experience in open standards-based technologies. Whether you are looking to upgrade existing ageing infrastructure or deploy an entirely new network – Generation-e can assist with making your network perform the way you need it to.

How Generation-e can help

The networking pillar of our business incorporates:


Network switching is at the heart of every network. Generation-e integrates core, aggregation and edge switches to increase network performance and reliability.


Wireless (WiFi) is widely used today for unified communications, using mobile devices, tracking people and equipment and simply connecting to the network. All these additional uses means that it is getting more complicated to design and implement a wireless infrastructure that can support the quality of service required to perform these tasks.


Sensitive information passes over your network every day. By incorporating border security, access control and intrusion prevention, Generation-e ensures that your network is protected from threats whether they come from inside or outside of your organisation.

We believe in transforming businesses through the power of modern productivity.

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