Deployment & Project Management

Regardless of project size and complexity, co-ordinating engineers, suppliers, resources, calendars and technology takes a lot of time and energy. That’s where Generation-e comes in.

Generation-e offers comprehensive project deployment services. That means that we take control of the entire deployment process. Generation-e orchestrates every element of the project whilst keeping communication simple, consistent and flowing between all parties. We know that there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter deployment. Each project has its own challenges and issues. Through meticulous attention to detail in planning and documenting each and every step, we stay proactive and are able to adjust to any situation as necessary.

All projects are managed according to best-practice project processes. We understand timeframes and requirements so that we can precisely organise our team, your team and the appropriate vendors to ensure that everything happens smoothly with as little effort on your part as possible. This means that with Generation-e you can leave the IT to us so that it is business as usual for you.

Generation-e provides:

  • Full project planning including detailed design creation and IT strategy development;
  • Project management services utilising best practice, tested methodologies;
  • Project deployment services.

These three elements are included in our project services offerings which span a wide range of projects across unified communications, connectivity, and cloud.

Expertise and Experience

The Benefits of Implementation Services:

  • More time to focus on other areas of your business for you and your team;
  • Peace of mind that every element of the project will be professionally managed following proven methodologies designed to cover all aspects of the implementation;
  • Save time and energy with simple and consistent communication via a single point of contact for progress updates;
  • Reduced risks and efficient mitigation of the issues associated with the project;
  • Achieve the desired results in a timely manner due to proven processes and templates.

A Safe Pair of Hands

Customers choose Generation-e to manage their IT projects end-to-end because we deliver real value.

Generation-e is incredibly particular about the quality of individuals we add to our team. We employ only the highest calibre of qualified engineer, never junior technicians or contractors, to carry out our projects. The members of this team spend one week in eight in training, refining their skills and keeping their certifications up to date. Our project managers are experts who are uncompromising in their standards to deliver what was promised, in time and on budget.

With this combination of accredited engineers and experienced project managers, in securing our services, you are selecting a powerful team with a proven track record of deploying and managing successful IT projects all around Australia across unified communications, connectivity and cloud.

Meticulous attention to detail and scoping of every project has given our team the ability to develop proven project management processes and methodologies which allow us to deploy any solution with confidence. We provide a single point of contact through whom all communication is channelled.

It is this individual who coordinates all activity and communication for seamless and effective deployment without getting bogged down in the unnecessary details which waste time and add costs. We also know that having a faulty piece of equipment delivered to site can throw out deadlines. That is why we perform all pre-staging offsite in order to prevent disturbances.

Further, our solid relationships with our vendor partners allow Generation-e to truly understand the intricacies of incorporating different complex technologies into a single project for optimal results.

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