Generation-e Monitoring Service

Proactive Network Monitoring and Management

Like a guard dog for your network, Generation-e Monitoring Service (GEMS) provides proactive monitoring and issue management 24x7x365. Because knowing as much as possible about your IT environment helps us to manage it and serve you better, all of our customers receive free GEMS monitoring as a part of their services agreements with Generation-e.

Developed completely in-house through years of experience, customer feedback and technological investment, GEMS helps to make sure that our senior engineers know the second that something is not quite right with our customer’s environment. In fact, we often know about problems before you start to see the symptoms.

Operating from our world class Network Operations Centre, GEMS works flawlessly with a wide range of data centre, security, and network infrastructure as well as all major applications, databases and operating systems.

GEMS provides:

  • Automated call-ticketing from network monitoring alerts;
  • Automated knowledge-base updates from previously resolved issues;
  • Automated issue/environment matching based on previously resolved issues, allowing for proactive flagging and resolution for customers with a high risk profile, prior to any symptoms arising.

With proactive performance monitoring using capacity and threshold parameters and real-time hardware fault monitoring, often our engineers can see a problem before it happens. Not only does this allow them to quickly tackle the issue, but they can investigate further to understand the causes and implications of possible actions as well as how critical it is in order to put into motion a plan for optimal resolution.

GEMS also performs in-depth reporting and trend analysis, which helps with optimising systems utilisation and performance. Whether the course of action required to address an issue is proactive or reactive, these reports also guide our engineers.

Experience and Expertise

How does GEMS help?

  • Increases uptime;
  • Increases system availability;
  • Maximises performance;
  • Peace of mind from end to end support;
  • Increased productivity of your in house IT team;
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting;
  • Reduces costs of hiring staff and operating in house monitoring;
  • Access to expert advice and data to assist with strategy and planning;
  • Reduced risk of problems going unnoticed.