IT Outsourcing

How much does it cost you to run an in-house IT department? How much do you spend on salaries, training, leave, super, recruitment, infrastructure…

The truth of the matter is that by outsourcing your IT, you stand to significantly lower the total cost of your IT operations whilst improving effectiveness.

Think about outsourcing your IT administration and maintenance like you think about electricity – you don’t need or want to manage the power station – you just want to turn the light on!

So many companies try to manage their power station. Often, they get stuck in a rut, experiencing the same types of IT issues over and over again. These problems can monopolise valuable in-house resources or require vast expenditures of money and time hiring so-called experts who get paid by the hour to make more work for themselves.

The reason for this may be insufficient experience or resources in-house or it may be because of unreliable IT support. No matter what the cause, Generation-e has the solution.

Managed IT service is the core of what we do; we simply provide world class proactive IT services whether or not an in-house IT team is already in place.

Generation-e offers all-inclusive and tailored managed IT services to provide support, maintenance, management, consulting, and transparent reporting for your entire IT infrastructure at an affordable monthly fixed rate. As a boutique managed services provider, Generation-e can tailor our managed services to meet your requirements for support, maintenance, management and monitoring.

Generation-e provides:


Unlimited expert support is available whenever you need it via telephone, email, or web portal (for administrators). Onsite support is also included when required, if, for example, the problem cannot be solved remotely within a suitable timeframe.


Six monthly systems maintenance is conducted on-site and is additional to any scheduled Health Checks. All maintenance is carried out using a combination of the "best in class" technology, comprehensive services and highly trained engineers.


From our world class Network Operations Centre (NOC), Generation-e’s team use their breadth of experience and knowledge to fulfil a virtual CTO role encompassing strategic planning, responsive and knowledgeable solutions to all issues which arise, and have the foresight to assess and proactively deal with potential threats.


Generation-e’s Monitoring Service (GEMS) provides real-time results which allows for quick and effective problem identification and resolution as well as trend analysis. These reports help Generation-e assess performance and provide guidance to ensure optimal results.

Expertise and Experience

Benefits of Outsourced Managed IT Services

  • A wider range of skills, expertise and service at your fingertips for a lower total cost of ownership;
  • Access to best-of-breed technology, expert advice, and issue escalation channels via our vendors;
  • Increased predictability from a fixed IT spend which can be recognised as capital expenditure, not operating expenditure;
  • Better management of IT infrastructure and optimisation of systems utilisation and performance;
  • Increased productivity from maximum uptime, proactive recognition of issues and quicker resolution;
  • Peace of mind from proficient monitoring 24x7x365 and reporting with defined service levels;
  • Focus on core competencies and increase productivity by leveraging Generation-e’s resources to support your business;
  • Seamless integration with existing in-house IT resources;
  • Nationwide coverage to support your business, wherever it is;
  • Customer satisfaction.

Pricing for Generation-e’s managed services is calculated based on a per user or per device costing model then adjusted based on the service level agreement they require and the length of the agreement.

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A Safe Pair of Hands

Our customers entrust their outsourced IT to Generation-e because we offer comprehensive services delivered with expertise and experience that cannot be matched. They understand that Generation-e has the tools to help increase efficiencies and productivity whilst reducing expenditure.

We understand business and we understand that no two organisations are the same. Generation-e’s project team makes it our business to get to know your goals and we work with you to develop a roadmap for your success.   

Generation-e’s team of senior engineers are degree qualified, fully certified and extensively trained to support the range of products we represent. Our team spends one week in eight in training, refining their skills to keep their qualifications up to date.  All engineers are also remunerated based on their achievement of high customer satisfaction ratings, which means you can rest assured that you will receive the very best service and support.

Not only are our individuals stellar, but the technology they employ to run, support and manage your IT is also world class. From our national Network Operations Centre (NOC) our team use patented Generation-e Monitoring Service (GEM’S) to keep a finger on the pulse of your IT 24x7x365 and proactively identify potential issues before they become problems.

If by chance an issue does arise, you will be covered with guaranteed response times, which means that business continuity can be achieved to meet your requirements. We have great vendor relationships with industry leading technology companies which affords us access to escalation channels to assist with quick resolution if and when an issue arises.

Please contact us on 1300 553 088 or complete the form.