M-ServTM Managed Services

Certain technologies can quickly monopolise your time and resources to manage. Technologies like these require specific skill sets and expertise that is not always easy to come by. As experts across unified communications, networks, and platforms, that's where Generation-e comes in.

Generation-e provides:

Managed Microsoft server services

Just one server being offline can keep thousands of staff from working.  Generation-e's experts can remotely monitor and manage your server farm from our world class Network Operating Centre (NOC) with real-time precision.  We manage your servers more cost effectively and respond to issues 7x24 becasue we have a whole team with automation tools that are designed spefically to do this.

Managed desktop services

The biggest load for any IT team is keeping desktops operational and their associated staff productive.  Generation-e's experts can remotely monitor and manage it from our world class Network Operating Centre (NOC) with real-time precision.  We can manage your fleet more cost effectively and respond to staff more quickly becasue we have a whole team with automation tools that are designed spefically to do this.  Call us today to find out how.

Managed security and firewall services

To prevent unauthorised access and costly breaches of your environment, Generation-e offers a managed security and firewall service which provisions, deploys, upgrades and patches devices as required. Included are 24x7 administration, log monitoring and immediate response to threats all of which is carried out in our national state of the art Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Managed Exchange services

Whether your Exchange environment is on-premise or in the cloud, Generation-e's experts can remotely monitor and manage it from our world class Network Operating Centre (NOC) with real-time precision.

Managed Office 365 services

Office 365 gives your organisation the flexibility of the cloud. Migrating data, managing users and permissions and keeping your infrastructure operating smoothly are all included in Generation-e's Office 365 managed services.

Managed Lync Services

Unified communication happens in real-time. That means that monitoring needs to be proactive and precise so that issues can be rectified quickly. Only a handful of organisations have the skills and expertise they can devote to the health and stability of a unified communications system. As Lync Masters, Generation-e is a safe pair of hands to support, maintain, monitor and manage your Lync environment.

Managed Systems Center services

As the backbone of your infrastructure, management and monitoring of the solution which in turn manages your desktops and devices is essential. Generation-e's managed System Centre services ensure that all required clients can be managed properly. Included in this service are infrastructure management, software and application packaging and deployment, as well as security configuration and maintenance performed by experts remotely from our Network Operations Centre.

Managed video conferencing services

Forget having to worry about system compatibility, poor video quality, firewalls and network issues. Incorporating hosted bridge, video firewall services and concierge services, Generation-e has all of your video conferencing needs covered with monitoring, management, support and maintenance carried out in our cutting edge Video Operations Centre (VOC).

This list of technology specific managed services is not exhaustive. As a boutique provider of best-of-breed solutions, Generation-e has a wide range of specialist skills available and can tailor a managed service solution to suit any requirement. Pricing for Generation-e's managed services is evaluated on a case by case basis, accommodating unique requirements. It is calculated based on a per user or per device costing model then adjusted based on the service level agreement they require and the length of the agreement.

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Expertise and Experience

  • Cost effective access to niche and specialty skills which can be hard to find and expensive to purchase;
  • Access to best-of-breed technology, expert advice, and issue escalation channels via our vendors;
  • Predictable IT spend, which can be recognised as an operating expense;
  • Better management of IT infrastructure and optimisation of systems utilisation and performance;
  • Increased productivity from maximum up-time, proactive recognition of issues and quicker resolution;
  • Peace of mind from 7x24 monitoring and reporting;
  • Defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs);
  • Focus on core competencies and increase productivity by leveraging Generation-e's resources to support your business;
  • Seamless integration with existing in-house IT resources;
  • Nationwide coverage to support your business, wherever it is;
  • Customer Satisfaction.


A Safe Pair of Hands

Our customers entrust their technology specific managed IT services to Generation-e because we offer comprehensive services delivered with expertise and experience that cannot be matched. They understand that Generation-e has the tools to help increase efficiencies and productivity whilst reducing expenditure.

We understand business and we understand that no two organisations are the same. Generation-e's project team makes it our business to understand your goals and we work with you to develop a roadmap for your success.

Generation-e's team of senior engineers are degree qualified, fully certified and extensively trained to support the range of products we represent. Our team spends one week in eight in training, refining their skills to keep their qualifications up to date.  All engineers are also remunerated based on their achievement of high customer satisfaction ratings, which means you can rest assured that you will receive the very best service and support.

Not only are our individuals stellar, but the technology they employ to run, support and manage your IT is also world class. From our national Network Operations Centre (NOC) our team use patented Generation-e Monitoring Service (GEMS) to keep a finger on the pulse of your IT 24x7x365 and proactively identify potential issues before they become problems. The NOC features specialised departments to reflect our areas of expertise and so features a revolutionary Video Operations Centre (VOC) and Security Operations Centre to accommodate monitoring, management, maintenance and support for these types of infrastructure.

If by chance an issue does arise, you will be covered with guaranteed response times, which means that business continuity can be achieved to meet your requirements. We have great vendor relationships with industry leading technology companies which affords us access to escalation channels to assist with quick resolution if and when an issue arises.

Contact us on 1300 553 088 or complete the form.