Network Operations Centre

World class monitoring and reporting nationwide

The worst kind of problem is the one that you don’t know that you have. Often, unless you have a generous IT budget, you won’t get a call letting you know that your server is about to die or that there is a potential breach in your firewall.

That’s what sets Generation-e apart. Unlike other suppliers who charge heftily for a monitoring service, the Generation-e Network Operations Centre (NOC) is absolutely free for all of our services customers. We see our NOC as a valuable tool which allows us to support our customers better. By proactively monitoring their environment, we can alert you to issues before they arise, helping your networks and your organisation to maintain maximum up time and efficiency.

As the nerve centre of our services department, our NOC has two sub centres, our Video Operations Centre (VOC) and our Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Generation-e's Network Operations Centre

From here, network monitoring, real time analysis and reporting occur via our Generation-e Monitoring Service (GEMS). As a fully automated reporting tool that monitors critical components of your IT infrastructure in 15-minute intervals, GEMS checks disc space, server performance, anti-virus protection, mail servers, websites and firewalls, thus pre-emptively identifying potential issues before they actually materialise. Our team of expert support engineers actively monitor all data looking for irregularities and potential threats. They commonly detect impending server failure, low disk space and irregular router activity upon which they take swift action to rectify the situation.

Generation-e’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) operates 24/7 so that your organisation does too.

Please contact us on 1300 553 088 or complete the form.

Video Operations Centre

As specialists in unified communications and video conferencing, Generation-e has developed state of the art technology to monitor key video conferencing metrics such as the quality, frequency and types of video conferences in order to provide comprehensive reporting. From our VOC, we also provide 24-hour support and complete video conferencing management including hosted bridge services, video firewall services and managed video conferencing services.

Security Operations Centre

From Generation-e’s world class security operations centre, we monitor firewalls and networks for any sign of infiltration. Our SOC has been designed to ensure maximum redundancy. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our qualified engineers manage and monitor our customers’ networks poised to identify and quickly resolve any issues which surface.

Once we detect that a problem is about to occur, our expert support engineers investigate and actively take preventative measures to ensure business continuity. We then raise a case informing you that it requires your attention and what costs are involved in rectifying it.