Maximizing success in a Skype-enabled workplace

Generation-e and the Microsoft Skype Operations Framework

It’s time for a new approach to productivity, communication, and collaboration. Instead of merely replacing existing telephony, video or collaboration systems with disparate solutions, Skype for Business offers a cloud based service that delivers integrated voice, video, and collaboration capabilities through an intuitive and employee-friendly experience.

Of course, there are a number of critical technical and cultural elements that you need to consider upfront. The complexities of developing and deploying a unified

communications strategy can be daunting. For a successful Skype for Business implementation, you need to address many questions:

  • Is my network ready to support this solution?
  • How will I integrate Skype for Business with existing platforms and processes?
  • How can I ensure that my users adopt this solution?
  • What approach should I use to migrate users to Skype for Business?
  • Who will help my firm manage the intricacies of the environment once fully transformed?
  • What role might an on-premises implementation of Skype for Business play during my transformation?

As a Microsoft Skype Operations Framework launch partner, Generation-e and our Services for Skype for Business offering has an established suite of capabilities designed to guide our clients through the Skype Operations Framework phases: Plan, Deliver, and Operate. Generation-e strongly endorses the critical importance of following the Skype Operations Framework to ensure maximum adoption of the feature set in all client environments.

Microsoft® Skype for Business and Office 365 offer a transformative approach to deploying modern workplace technologies.

Beyond Skype for Business Cloud PBX, Generation-e also provides services to support clients through hybrid deployments of Skype for Business Online when integrated with on-premises Skype for Business Server.

Generation-e manages Skype for Business Server infrastructure and provides our clients with integration support for many 3rd platforms that may play a critical role in a large enterprise’s entire unified communications environment.


Keys to your success

Generation-e and Microsoft are committed to ensuring a smooth and successful implementation through these and other features:

  • Assessment services to ensure successful deployment
  • Advisory workshops aimed at envisioning the optimal Skype solution for your enterprise
  • Global capabilities to provide hybrid services, including Skype for Business Server management
  • Deployment standards designed to create consistent and repeatable results
  • End-user adoption capabilities in place to ensure optimal use of new features
  • Integration support for many third-party systems and processes
  • One-touch ongoing management of your enterprise’s Skype for Business solutions

Proven support for your workplace solution

Skype Operations Framework provides you with a new level of confidence for your Skype for Business Cloud PBX deployment. You gain an enterprise-grade solution that can be counted on to provide the required level of performance and meet the organizational adoption targets you need to maximize your financial and business value return. Generation-e has more experience than any other integrator in Asia Pacific in managing large, complex Microsoft unified communications solutions.

Partnering with Generation-e on Skype Operations Framework provides your business with global coverage, combined with a full complement of hybrid solution capabilities and a complete Office 365 services portfolio. This ensures you will get the ultimate in Office 365 and Skype for Business performance and adoption.

Contact Generation-e to engage in a Skype Operations Framework Envisioning or an Office 365 Advisory session or to learn more about Generation-e for Skype for Business.


Build on a solid framework

The Generation-e Services for Skype for Business offering leverages the Skype Operations Framework when developing and implementing solutions for our clients. During the Plan phase, the framework ensures you develop a critical level of understanding of the various options for a Skype for Business deployment. This understanding helps you evaluate which options would best meet your IT and business requirements.

During this phase, Generation-e also assesses your existing environment to determine whether your business is ready to deploy the full Skype for Business Cloud PBX workload. This includes network readiness and user/organizational/process readiness evaluations.

To support clients during the Skype Operations Framework Deliver and Operate phases, Generation-e’s delivery and operations organizations develop standard policies and procedures that are closely aligned with the Skype Operations Framework. Other activities can include installing and configuring your cloud environment, providing standard and repeatable support of provisioning for Skype for Business, and monitoring and reporting of key success indicators.

Through deployment, Generation-e brings standard transition and transformation planning methodologies. Once complete, Generation-e and Microsoft delivery teams are directly linked to provide deep access to operational support and rapid escalation to engineering teams. The teams are integrated to proactively monitor delivery processes and have regular operations reviews to ensure timely incident escalation and resolution.