Generation-e are unique and the leading providers of specialist Audio Visual (AV) design, installation and support services Australia wide. Delivering to all sectors Generation-e uniquely combines the in room experience with the power of the cloud and unified communications to allow people to securely share, collaborate and engage when, where and how it makes sense for them and on the device of their choice.

By combining the power of the Microsoft cloud with AV solutions, we deliver amazing meeting and collaboration experiences that are radically simple to use.

Generation-e tailor our solutions to your specific requirements to find the perfect solution for your organisation. Some of the solutions we deliver include:

  • Digital signage
  • Room booking
  • Content management
  • Way finding
  • Room automation
  • Video conferencing
  • Infopresence
  • Integration to Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Integration to legacy environments
  • Systems Control and Management
  • Sound reinforcement & acoustic management
  • Hearing aid loops
  • Classrooms and Training Centers
  • Command and Control Centers
  • Large Venues and Auditoriums
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Collaboration spaces
  • Video Walls & Displays

As expert installers, we have provided solutions for a large range of prominent organisations who have benefitted immensely from our Audio Visual solutions. Our services include:

  • Business case development
  • Detailed designs
  • Deployment
  • Managed Services

Giving us a call (1300 553 088) and experience a team who deeply understand Audio Visual and who will provide you with the highest level of advice.

Audio Visual solutions to support productive engaged people

With your business case and justification complete, the next step is to build your productive spaces. For many IT professionals this not only includes making use of legacy collaboration assets from multiple vendors—room-based video conferencing systems and UC tools—but procuring new solutions to enhance and expand their collaboration practice as well. What’s more, all solutions must work together seamlessly to produce the desired user experience. Generation-e’s approach is to deliver radical simplicity.

In a connected and collaborative work environment, the ultimate user experience is a single click of a button to launch a meeting from any device, room, or platform. This ideal minimizes training and all but ensures user adoption. But achieving this ideal isn’t always easy. The reality for many businesses is that the solutions from multiple vendors often don’t fit together well, resulting in a underutilized environment and a missed opportunity because of poor user perception. Users avoid meeting rooms that can’t connect to their preferred tools and IT teams are strained with management and support.

Microsoft Skype for Business

According to “No Jitter” enterprise adoption of Skype for Business surpasses 60%. From an individual user perspective, it’s easy to start a meeting with other Skype users on desktops or mobile devices. The complexity begins when you need to join users in a Cisco or Polycom video conferencing room to a Skype for Business meeting—a very common scenario. These tools simply weren’t originally built to work together out of the box and it often requires third-party integration to achieve a seamless user experience regardless of room or platform—but it can be done.

Internal vs External Communication

The majority of enterprise video calls are still internal—calls for internal team management, work meetings, and the like. However, external or off-net calls are on the rise. Wainhouse Research shows that a third of video calls in 2015 were external, which is an increase over 2013 and 2014.

The distinction between external and internal is important because your network and security requirements will be different for each. External calls can also introduce a host of technology integration issues based on the types of tools external clients, vendors, or others use to connect to your internal users.

Ad hoc vs. Scheduled Meetings

User expectations for impromptu and scheduled meetings is another area that needs to be well explored and documented to ensure a successful delivery of your collaboration program. Traditional scheduling will always be important because it allows rooms and AV assets to be booked in advance and enables users to look up meeting details.

The impromptu meeting is a natural extension of today’s mobile, connected workforce. The complexity is in delivering an experience that allows for easy escalation from presence to IM to an audio call to a video call to an impromptu meeting with some or all participants joining from an available meeting room. Top it off by making that impromptu meeting experience as close to a single button click as possible. When the impromptu meeting experience works well—because it was engineered to—users can serve themselves instead of relying on IT, creating a more efficient and streamlined collaboration environment.


Before you invest in specific technologies for your collaboration environment, make sure you’ve asked the right questions and addressed all potential challenges. Generation-e can work with you through this assessment to ensure your collaboration solution delivers the outcomes your business expects including:

  • Network readiness assessment
  • Detailed design
  • Change management & user adoption
  • Deployment and migration planning
  • Managed services

Productive Spaces – Enabling productive engaged people

The new way employees work is highly interactive and relies on easy access to colleagues, clients, and information. Transforming your organization into a connected and collaborative work environment starts with a plan. These easy-to-use templates and tools will help you plan and justify your investment in the digital workplace.

Much has been written about the need to transform to a digital workplace. Former Cisco CEO John Chambers has predicted 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies will not exist in the next 10 years owing to a failure to adapt to the digital era. For most businesses, digital workplace initiatives are on the radar if not the roadmap. How are you planning to support your people to be more productive?

Digital workplace transformation is broad in scope and ambitious in its objectives. Though details vary, most digital workplace initiatives seek to increase employee engagement, support the changing nature of work, and align workplace technology with business objectives. This article will address a specific aspect of workplace transformation: creating Productive Spaces. A Productive Space is a collaborative environment that enables fast communication, information-sharing in real-time, and the ability to quickly work together to solve day-to-day business challenges.

Use Cases Driving Productive Space Initiatives

Part of the changing nature of work is the number of people we must collaborate with on a daily basis just to get our work done. With collaboration so integral to work, it’s not surprising that the primary reason businesses give for pursuing a Productive Space initiative is to improve their employees’ ability to quickly collaborate with remote colleagues, partners and customers.

Whether you are evaluating use cases or starting your business plan, consider working with a partner that has steered many companies to Productive Space mastery. Not only can Generation-e reduce the burden placed on your IT team and provide access to the latest collaboration and communication technology, they can quickly resolve technical issues and put you back on the path to workplace success. Contact Generation-e on 1300 553 088.

AV Managed Services

You expect and require a consistent, positive end-user experience of the video collaboration and AV system technology your company has implemented. Managed services ensure that reliability through proactive monitoring of your systems. Such services can extend beyond monitoring and include active management of your video conferencing sessions, so that participants are focused on the meeting, and not the technology.

Workplace Trends in Managed Services

  • Cloud-based UCC that enables smaller companies to collaborate like the big enterprises
  • More spaces with collaboration technology so that organizations take advantage of teamwork
  • 61% of IT leaders say they plan to upgrade their unified communications and collaboration solutions within the next three years. (2015 Unified Communications and Collaboration Survey, IDG Enterprises)

Generation-e gives you the luxury of an extended IT department. From our Network Operations Centre, we proactively monitor and manage your AV and video collaboration systems and the infrastructure that supports them. With our GEMS® platform, we watch over your AV systems, run diagnostics, launch video calls, and handle the way your meetings are organized, monitored, and managed. Your users can quickly and easily see if systems are active, have pending incidents, and if a conference has launched properly.

Our Managed Services can provide you value including:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring of your AV and collaboration systems to ensure up time
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • proactive monitoring of devices (lamp hours on projectors, up time of equipment etc)
  • Rapid incident resolution
  • Expertise on demand for Adds, Moves and Changes
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • A central point of contact
  • Management of your video conferencing, including call scheduling and launching, and an on-demand help desk that’s available to you during your video calls.
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Power management - automatically turn that equipment on and off at preset times
  • Management and administration
  • Reporting