Video Conferencing

Communicate Better

With HD video and crystal clear sound, video conferencing provides a richness of communication which is just not attainable using any other medium. And the applications are endless.

Doctors kilometres apart can examine a patient together as though they were in the same room. Students in Melbourne can have a virtual field trip to the Great Barrier Reef.  Executives can manage interview prospective candidates without having to board a plane. All of this is made possible by video conferencing.

Geographically dispersed workforces, branch offices, international organisations, and flexible workers are fast becoming the norm. Luckily, in today’s world, technology is making everything easier. Being in a different location no longer means that collaboration is compromised, especially when video conferencing is combined with a unified communications tool like Microsoft Skype for Business.

Video conferencing is not just about being able to see the facial expressions and body language of all participants. With video conferencing, parties can share presentations, documents, and applications, have meetings or conduct training using multi-party and multi-point calls. 

You can expect:

  • Reduced travel costs and carbon footprint as physically going to other sites is required less frequently;
  • Increased productivity from effective collaboration;
  • Enhanced relationships between employees as well as with your customers, suppliers and partners;
  • Better quality of communication;
  • Improved competitive advantage by providing customer service through easy access to product specialists.

Video Conferencing Solutions & Services

There is a lot more to enterprise grade video conferencing than just plugging it in. Drawing on its wealth of expertise, Generation-e has a range of services and solutions to provide and maintain world class video conferencing systems.

Generation-e Consulting Services

  • Solution design;
  • Break fix services.

Generation-e Implementation Services

  • Full installation and configuration;
  • Complete unified communications solutions;
  • Integration of video conferencing equipment with existing infrastructure;
  • Designing and deploying special purpose video conferencing solutions for health and education applications.

Generation-e Support Services


A Safe Pair of Hands

Generation-e installs and supports Telepresence and video conferencing projects across Australia and around the world. Holding qualifications and certifications in Polycom technology, Generation-e will help you make the right choice and design the best video implementation for your organisation.

Expert in unified communications, Generation-e also has a sound understanding of how video conferencing can be integrated with unified communications technologies like Microsoft Lync to improve effectiveness and enhance the user experience.

From our world class Video Operations Centre, we have the tools to measure usage and report on the video conferences taking place within your organisation in order to make sure you achieve a return on your investment. Our commitment to service delivery ensures that your project will be completed on time and on budget.

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