Managed Service for Visual Communications

You’re struggling to grow support to cope with a growing number of video calls. IT can’t keep up in the critical first minutes after something goes wrong. This is when users are most likely to abandon the service and opt for a voice-only alternative – and they probably won’t come back to video again!  If you’re a national organisation, these challenges are compounded because uniformity is hard to achieve. Your employees may be having a vastly different experience depending on where they are.

Users are central to the success of videoconferencing. If employees don’t use it, then they, their colleagues, their clients – and consequently the business as a whole – won’t get the benefits that the technology was purchased to deliver.  So how do you go about ensuring adoption is there so that the solution achieves to its full potential?

Let’s face it, videoconferencing can be expensive to run and support, requiring massive investments in management platforms, systems, expertise and experience. There’s the ever-present requirement to reduce costs across the business, without increasing risk … but how are you supposed to support this technology without increasing your headcount?

Generation-e can help

Without an effective managed service, it’s unlikely that your business will realise its investment in visual communications. The focus of your IT division is on mission critical technology. Out-tasking the management of the visual communications estate is more cost-effective than trying to acquire the necessary resources to do so in-house. Managed video services also provide a low-cost entry point into video communications adoption, enabling you to access a full range of functionality while paying only for what you consume.

Generation-e’s Managed Service for Visual Communications is unique. It’s focused on maximising end-user adoption and, consequently, your return on investment.  Our approach is simple: we make sure your video is always on and always working, and that there are skilled, experienced people on hand to solve problems quickly if they occur.

We adhere to strict service level agreements. We offer this Service for any type of network and across multiple technologies and vendors.  By enabling the remote management of your entire videoconferencing environment means that you don’t the need to have a videoconferencing expert on-site.

The Power of the VOC

Generation-e’s state-of-the-art Video Operation Centre (VOC) delivers industry best practices using ITIL frameworks and certified personnel to enable maximum estate reliability and a premium user experience. The VOC consists of a fully certified one- to three-line visual communications support team. This is combined with a multi-vendor lab to ensure that more than 90% of user requests or issues are rectified by the first-line team, and more than 99% of all incidents are rectified within the VOC without engineer call-out or escalation to a vendor. This means that the VOC can deliver unparalleled service levels to our clients and the ultimate in user piece of mind.

The VOC leverages GEMS, Generation-e's proprietary monitoring platform that detects issues in close to real time.

Underpinned by the VOC, the Service then offers you four key user experience types:

  • Monitoring and user helpdesk for voice and video helpdesk
  • Operations management delivers a true enterprise-class service by incorporating monitoring and user helpdesk for VC, plus return on investment and service reporting, software release management, and moves, additions, changes and deletes.
  • A Concierge option adds ease of use by incorporating operations management, plus a global booking portal that can stand alone as a web browser or tablet application. It integrates into Outlook or Notes, along with providing extended capabilities to book meeting rooms and facility management functionality. Coupled with this, the booking portal enables automated call launching, meaning the user needn’t worry about navigating complex touch panels or remote controls to launch a call.
  • Executive support delivers the ultimate in user experience by incorporating concierge and adding in pre-conference testing, video meet-and-greet and live call monitoring, as well as dedicated on hand call assistance to guarantee that the call meets the exact requirements of the user.

Generation-e also offers a range of commercial models that we can tailor to your business requirements.  In this way, you can scale resources up and down as the business demands.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you ensure your videoconferencing solution is not only well managed, but also adopted and used to its full potential.