pexip-logo1Simple usage. Simple deployment. Simply revolutionary. Pexip Infinity is a scalable software platform providing personal meeting rooms for any number of users on video, voice and mobile. Simply meet with Pexip.

Pexip Infinity’s unique architecture is purely software-based and virtualized, meaning it can be deployed quickly and simply with the flexibility to scale as required. The complementary Pexip App allows users to control the conference and view presentations from their own personal devices. The Pexip solution overthrows conventional telepresence thinking, rendering traditional hardware architectures obsolete. It will lead the revolution to provide video to everyone.

Your company already knows the value of video; it has changed how you communicate and helped curb travel expenses. But traditional video deployments have their limitations. Hardware is expensive, and conferences can quickly overload your bandwidth. Often only a select few are given access to video. However, employees increasingly expect conferencing on demand, from whatever device is most convenient to them wherever they may be. How can you support enterprise-quality, secure conferencing for everyone in your organization, from a variety of different devices, while at the same time reducing costs and keeping it all simple?

What Pexip Infinity gives

Pexip Infinity offers simple deployment, simple usage, simple scaling. We introduce simplicity to the world of video conferencing. We’ve removed the barriers to mass deployment of video in an affordable and elegant way.

Our solution is interoperable with the world’s leading endpoint manufacturers. Keep your existing video infrastructure investments while expanding access to users from mobile and audio devices. It is affordable, allowing you to double your video capacity for about the price of your existing maintenance contract.

Pexip Infinity is the only solution that encompasses all five pillars necessary for pervasive conferencing:


No hardware limitations. Outstanding performance. Always stay up-to-date with new standards and software updates. And no hardware acquisition cost and investment.

The foundation of Pexip Infinity is a single software file that you deploy remotely as two or more virtual machines. Being software-only means that new features and technologies such as H.265, SVC and WebRTC support will be available to all your global data centers through on-going software upgrades.

Pexip Infinity is not simply a software implementation of traditional MCU products. From the core, Pexip Infinity was designed to distribute conferencing resources throughout a network, enabling the pooling of hardware and licenses and reducing use of WAN bandwidth. The hurdles of high port costs and expensive bandwidth that prevent large-scale conferencing today are eliminated, making personal virtual meeting rooms for all a reality.

Virtualized software

Runs on industry-standard servers like any other software service. The same flexibility in deployment, resilience and redundancy. In your data center. No custom hardware needed.

As a truly virtualized conferencing platform, Pexip Infinity consists of a collection of VMs running on industry-standard servers and managed using industry-standard tools. This allows you to drastically increase your conferencing capacity while reducing capex, and avoid the proprietary management software associated with traditional conferencing solutions.

Distributed architecture

Deploy the load where and when you need it. Save bandwidth. Deploy licenses from a central pool where needed.

Pexip Infinity’s distributed architecture reduces WAN bandwidth consumption, saving your company money and increasing your conference capacity. Conference participants dial in to their nearest conference node and still share an identical conference experience regardless of location. True distribution also improves reliability and network resiliency by minimizing single points of failure within the platform.

Interoperable with virtually everything

Compatible with virtually any video conferencing endpoint – software or hardware.

Pexip Infinity extends true interoperability beyond that of the “traditional” video communication standards. The Pexip Infinity platform extends full participation to voice, video, and data users, regardless of client or published communications standard of choice.

The Pexip mobile application provides a consistent, simple, and intuitive conference control and presentation viewing experience to all users regardless of endpoint, allowing your organization to embrace the “Bring Your Own Device” phenomenon.

Flexible licensing options and plans

Pay only for the number of licenses you use. Enable anyone in your organization to participate from anywhere. Scale up or down as you go.

Pexip Infinity provides differentiated licensing models – you can pay as you go or pay as you grow, giving you the ability to increase or decrease your conferencing capacity port-by–port according to the changing needs of your organization. Pooled licensing means that you do not pay for resources you do not need.

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