telehealth factsheet

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Australia is a big place. There are plenty of people living in remote areas with limited access to specialists and expert medical attention. 

With the advent of the national broadband network, Telehealth is emerging as the way of the future for health care in Australia. Using specialised high definition video conferencing equipment, medical professionals can conduct examinations and provide diagnosis to patients no matter how much physical distance separates them allowing for:

  • Increased patient access to highly specialised resources;
  • Easier consultation and collaboration with other professionals;
  • Ease of providing care to less mobile individuals – such as those in aged care;
  • Less time and money spent on travel;
  • Increased efficiency of health care practitioners.

The Australian Government is encouraging health care professionals to embrace this new way of helping patients through a range of incentives.

At the frontier of this development, our partners Microsoft using Lync and Polycom using video conferencing technology are leading the charge for the adoption of Telehealth. Generation-e is using our expertise to deliver their solutions.


The Safe Pair of Hands

Generation-e is at the forefront of delivering telehealth solutions. We understand how important this application of video conferencing truly is. There is nothing more valuable than health and we pride ourselves in being up to that task.

Our deep expertise and experience gives us the skills to provide video conferencing solutions which deliver the correct quality of service to enable high definition video and deliver information securely.

Our customers only deal with experts, who are uncompromising in their standards to deliver what they promised, in time and on budget so you can be confident that you have made the right choice in Generation-e.

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