Video Conferencing and Microsoft Skype for Business

Communication and collaboration over video conferencing is one of the most powerful features of the Microsoft Skype for Business unified communications solution. Incorporating video into interactions creates a much richer experience and allows for greater productivity.

Polycom and Microsoft have aligned their technologies by ensuring seamless interoperability in order to achieve their shared vision for business productivity. To facilitate this, all of Polycom’s products including Video Phones, Video Devices and Telepresence Solutions have been developed with consideration for collaboration and data sharing.

As Microsoft and Polycom Gold Partners, Generation-e have the certifications to seamlessly incorporate video conferencing technology into even the most complex Microsoft Lync deployment. Companies across Australia have entrusted Generation-e as a safe pair of hands to integrate Skype and video conferencing for ultimate return on investment and productivity gains.

Managed Services for Video Conferencing

It takes an abundance of specialty skills, time and knowledge to ensure that the video conferencing solution is working to its full potential. Falling short in these skill sets may mean the difference between a solution that works well and one that constantly misses the mark. Generation-e understands the quality of service required to keep video conferencing systems operating at peak performance. That means delivering full HD video, crystal clear audio, sharing content smoothly and efficiently and overall connecting people the way it is meant to.

Because video conferencing is such a major facet of communication today, and because Generation-e has the skills to understand and rectify the unique challenges video conferencing entails, we offer a suite of services especially around video conferencing:

A Safe Pair of Hands

Generation-e installs and supports Telepresence and video conferencing projects across Australia and around the world. Holding qualifications and certifications in Polycom technologies, Generation-e will help you make the right choice and design the best video implementation for your organisation.

As experts in unified communications, Generation-e also has a sound understanding of how video conferencing can be integrated with unified communications technologies like Microsoft Skype for Business to improve effectiveness and enhance the user experience.

Generation-e has a world-class Video Operations Centre where we have the tools to measure usage and report on the video conferences taking place within your organisation in order to make sure you achieve a return on your investment. Our focus on excellence in service delivery means that you can trust us to provide the highest standard of customer service.

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