Enterprise Social (Yammer)

Our approach is based on a simple philosophy - Digital shapes human behaviour. A digital strategy is only of benefit when humans behave in different ways than before, ways that allow them to be more engaged, more productive and happier. Therefore digital collaboration (enterprise social, unified communications etc.) can be powerful tools but you MUST execute right.
To help shape a digital strategy there are four factors that are key to success:

Strategy and Execution – we help you develop your strategy and implement your Enterprise Social network (Yammer)
Productivity - map existing manual processes into Yammer
Content - develop the topics that generate buzz on your enterprise social network
Social Vernacular - help your employees communicate effectively on your network

Developing the digital strategy is important and we spend a lot of time with our clients getting this right. However execution is just as important. To plan and execute the right tactical moves in service of the strategy, we use our User Success Framework.
Generation-e’s User Success Framework is a building block approach to getting maximum results in minimum time – but without cutting corners. It allows you to take advantage of our experience and not take the falls you would without it.


Generation-e consultants hold sessions in your environment and explain Enterprise Social Networking (Yammer) concepts, tools and methodologies for implementation. We tailor the sessions depending on your current position. The workshops will help you to learn best practices and the optimal approach to success.

Strategic Consulting

Designed for the larger organisation, our strategic consulting engagements will develop a comprehensive approach for Yammer implementation. This is a longer process and involve a larger group of stakeholders. The strategic plan developed during this session includes:

  • Defined scope and time frame
  • A strong business case
  • Detailed execution plan
  • Specific projects detailed to deliver business objectives
  • Preliminary strategy for expanding to your customers, suppliers and/or partners

These engagements involve going deep into your organisation to get comprehensive understanding and delivering maximum return on investment of your Yammer project. This may include interviewing a cross section of employees around engagement, coaching senior leaders, running full scale workshop or running analytics to review and guide execution.
You may also consider a strategic consulting engagement if you wish to extend your enterprise social network to your customers, partners and suppliers. Expanding the network to external firms in a controlled way allows you to achieve even greater returns on productivity, innovation and collaboration. However it is a radical shift and needs to be handled carefully.


For companies looking to quickly implement Yammer, we offer an end to end, turn-key solution. We develop with you an understanding of your business, your objectives and your culture allowing us to successfully rollout Yammer within a short time frame.
Some organisations are a good fit for quickly engaging and using Yammer. This service is designed to get you up and running quickly with the right platform and approach. If you’re a larger business or have a more traditional culture, lets discuss whether you should consider a Strategy Consulting or Implementation engagement.

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