Network Security

Manage threats from inside and outside your organisation

There is no such thing as a network that is too secure. Threats to your organisation’s network security lurk everywhere. Prudent organisations take every precaution in preventing breaches, leaks, hacking, viruses and the like. You may think that firewalls and a virus checker are sufficient for keeping your network safe, but they are not always enough to create an impregnable fortress.

Running unified communications, even more sensitive data will be travelling over your network. This makes it imperative that you have a full arsenal of security at your disposal to avert threats which come from any angle, whether inside or outside of your organisation. Even more critical is that all of your security solutions work together seamlessly so that your network is not compromised.

Network security encompasses:

  • Border security - firewalls to protect from Internet threats;
  • Access Control (NAC) – protects from internal threats;
  • Intrusion Prevention – real time monitoring of threat/hack attempts.

Ensuring that these measures are in place will allow you to:

  • Quickly identify and respond to threats;
  • Enforce policies & control staff without impeding their productivity;
  • Protect critical assets by preventing data leaks and unauthorised access;
  • Lower total cost of management with streamlined monitoring and reporting.

Security Solutions & Services

There is no point in having a network to carry valuable data and information if you do not protect it properly. Generation-e has a background in high performance networks which means that we have the skills and experience necessary to understand and truly thwart threats to network security.

Our areas of speciality include:

  • Email hygiene, web browsing and filtering  using Zscaler technology;
  • Firewalls and SSL VPN using Juniper technology;
  • Microsoft Forefront to protect from malware, spam and inappropriate content;
  • Data backup and disaster recovery.

Generation-e Consulting Services

  • Security audits;
  • Security assessments;
  • Security design.

Generation-e Implementation Services

  • Security deployment.

Generation-e Managed Services

  • Managed firewall services;
  • Network security;
  • Disaster recovery;
  • Data backup.

A Safe Pair of Hands

Specialising in unified communications means that Generation-e’s experience and expertise has been honed in some of the most complex and challenging IT environments. Making technology work to power unified communications solutions means extending the capabilities to the brink and meticulously managing every minute detail in order to develop a robust and reliable solution. Having worked our way through the issues we experienced during these projects has helped us to be able to create bulletproof solutions which work whether you are looking to perform day to day tasks or run a Lync deployment connecting your branch offices across Australia or around the globe.

From our world class Security Operations Centre (SOC), our tertiary qualified senior engineering team provides the highest quality monitoring, management, support and maintenance for our customers. All of Generation-e’s services are delivered with professionalism and are focused on achieving customer satisfaction.

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