Network Switching

Availability and security

Every network requires high levels of security and performance whilst sharing network resources. In deploying a unified communications solution, however, there truly is nowhere for network issues to hide. Users expect excellent voice and video quality while simultaneously being able to access applications and data with lightning fast speed. Providing the required availability places unique demands on the entire network infrastructure and can require a sophisticated switching architecture.

Network switches become pivotal in converged networks and must:

  • Support open standards based technologies;
  • Be as highly reliable and available as the carrier’s network;
  • Have consistent and predictable performance;
  • Have integrated security services to protect from unauthorised users and devices.

Using the right switches will afford:

  • High network availability;
  • High network performance;
  • Security;
  • Flexibility in infrastructure and vendor choice;

Switching Solutions & Services

Not many organisations are truly network specialists. Having worked on countless networking projects for the likes of the Department of Education and Training in Queensland, Generation-e truly understand network infrastructure.

Working with the industry’s leading solutions from Juniper and HP Networks, Generation-e architect the right switching solution based on your business needs and application environment. Both of these vendors use open standards based solutions which makes it easier to integrate servers and storage in a converging world.

Generation-e Consulting Services

  • Business requirements analysis
  • Network assessment
  • Network audit
  • Switching analysis

Generation-e Implementation Services

  • Break fix services
  • Network refreshes
  • Greenfields network installation

Managed Services

A Safe Pair of Hands

Generation-e have exceptional skills and expertise built from years spent at the forefront of networks. Generation-e understands how the right network components, strategy and configuration form the underpinning layers of unified communications and work in harmony to increase productivity and gain competitive advantages for our customers. We trust the solutions we provide so completely that we use everything we sell in our own offices every day.

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