Aruba Wireless Networks

Stay connected anywhere

A slow network is a problem you never hear the end of. Your co-workers will complain if the Internet isn’t fast enough, if their applications do not work, or if they just can’t connect to the network. Aruba wireless makes keeping people connected easier.

Providing all the features of a wired network, but without the restrictions of a cabled environment, wireless is necessary to keep a modern business running. But, it needs to be able to cope with the demand placed on it by accommodating for multiple devices per user and bandwidth heavy operations like unified communications.

By allowing for connectivity anywhere, wireless is especially useful when cabling is not an option as well as to provide access for large outdoor areas, encompassing several buildings or even covering a whole geographic area.

By incorporating wireless to support or supplement a cabled connection, you can expect:

  • Greater productivity and efficiency by keeping workers connected;
  • Streamlined business processes by allowing for faster transfer of data;
  • Reduce installation and maintenance costs;
  • Easily scale connectivity through configuration adjustments;
  • Quicker and more readily available access to network resources and the running of applications and programs.

Aruba Wireless Solutions & Services

Generation-e empowers organisations to seamlessly deploy applications on integrated networks to increase productivity and gain competitive advantages. We specialise in providing wireless solutions organisations need to keep them operating at peak performance.

Generation-e Consulting Services

  • Site survey
  • Predictive survey
  • Post survey
  • Network assessment
  • Network audit
  • Wireless design and strategy development

Generation-e Implementation Services

  • Wireless LAN deployment
  • Wireless integration

Generation-e Managed Services

A Safe Pair of Hands

Different industries have specific uses for wireless and varying complexities in unrolling it. From providing networks to support high density wireless use in schools for ipad and laptop programs to location and tracking services in health care and providing connectivity from room to room and across large distances for corporates, Generation-e can help tailor our wireless solutions and services to suit your specific needs. Each application of wireless also has different security and access requirements which Generation-e’s senior engineers can configure accordingly.

Because of our background in high performance networks, Generation-e has developed the skill sets and experience to deploy and maintain even the most complex wireless environments. Our strong vendor relationships with Juniper and HP Networks give us the confidence in their solutions to use them in our own offices.

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