First Call Resolution - A better way to look after your customers

Improving customer loyalty could be as simple as implementing a Multimedia Contact Center solution. It might also be significantly cheaper than any other business initiative you’re considering. You’ll make customers happier with less waiting, less frustration and less dissatisfaction, whether you have a simple phone support helpdesk or a sophisticated multi-channel call center. And your agents will have what they need to be more helpful, more efficient and more motivated.

Beginning with the foundation module, you can add extras as your needs and budget dictate. Additional functionality includes: Multimedia Interaction, Voice Interaction, Outbound Contact and Business Intelligence.

Workflow Engine

Increase first call resolution, lower abandonment rates, boost revenue and make your call center a happier place. World-class customer service begins with our Workflow Engine.

Business Intelligence

Get the insight you need to lift service standards and make your resources go further. Using out-of-the box and customized reports you can understand and optimize customer service center performance.

Voice Interaction

Reduce costs and enhance customer service levels with effective voice interaction. You can automate routine enquiries, give high-value customers priority, spread agents’ workload and survey your customers.

Outbound Contact

Turn your contact center into a profit center. Agents can ‘click to dial’ during off-peak call periods and reach out to your customers. Outbound calls can lift sales, promote special offers and check up on customer satisfaction.

Multimedia Interaction

Bring your contact center into the 21st Century. Phone, fax, email, text, web chat, social media and post – everything goes to one place. Customers love it when you can accommodate their preferred communication channel.


Tightening budgets

Call center managers are continually expected to achieve more with less money and fewer agents.

Increased agent productivity

Agents have the information and functionality to help retain existing customers, source new customers and increase sales revenues. Find out more about Outbound Contact.

Attrition and absenteeism

A high level of attrition reduces quality of service, increases costs, creates a negative customer experience and places huge stress on the remaining agents.

Happier agents

By increasing the variety of work and matching it to your agents' abilities, a Zeacom Multimedia Contact Center solution makes every work day more enjoyable. Find out more about Multimedia Interaction.

Under and over resourcing

Thinly-spread resources can leave your contact center high and dry during peak call times. Over-resourced centers are a waste of money.

Better resource management

Reporting makes it easier to predict when you'll need more agents or if you can send overflow to staff in other departments. You can also use automation to offload routine inquiries. Find out more about Business Intelligence.

Poor first-call resolution

Every call transfer has a negative impact on customer satisfaction because it wastes time and increases frustration.

Right person first time

Calls can be automatically routed to the last-called agent or to the most skilled agent. Find out more about Voice Interaction.

High call abandonment rates

A shortage of agents can lead to long queues of frustrated customers and high call abandonment rates.

Customers spend less time waiting

Agents spend less time on every call and can quickly move onto the next customer. By offering customized announcements, you can encourage callers to wait up to 35% longer. Find out more about Workflow Engine.

Under-performing agents

Your business can't afford to carry under-achievers, but finding better people is time consuming and expensive.

Information to succeed

Managers can use a combination of real-time and historical data to monitor performance, so that service-affecting issues can be quickly identified and addressed. Find out more about Business Intelligence.

Can't handle new communication channels

If your call center isn't equipped to efficiently manage email, chat, SMS and social media, your business is missing out on valuable opportunities.

Smart technology that unifies all communication channels

Faxes, emails, SMS messages, chats, social media and requests generated from the web are treated with the same care as phone calls. Find out more about Multimedia Interaction.